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August 6, 2017

Favor Energy Drink

Favor is the energy drink with an easy-to-remember brand name. The concept is based on the idea “Favor” which is the road towards the light and the sun which is our source of energy.


All the given concepts are based on five main ideas:

person, sun, road, door and light.



Design and build a brand for a new energy drink from a logo to energy drink label design.

  • Strategy

    Brand Design

  • Design

    Branding, Corporate Identity, Logo Design

  • Client

    Favor Drink


Concept of the a logo design and meaning

The sun (The source of energy) is a clear reflection of an everyday natural light form which we need to obviously survive.

Open door is a clear motion of how one can walk on a path to open the other side of restoration.

A person walking towards light symbolizes the accuracy of reaching your dreams in a physical metabolism way through refreshment which is a slight illusion to the customers.

The road an indication of a way or path to significant energy and refreshment.

The concept has two main targets

To attract the customers and to stand out from the numerous other beverages offered currently at the market.

To create a simple and strong associations with our brand, through the modern and distinct package design.

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